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Will You Be My Maid of Honor? – How I popped the question

Dear big sister,

You have always been one of the most important people in my life. In the beginning, a big sister to look up to – later, my most faithful friend to play with. One minute we could fight and chase each other around the house, the next we’d be curled up on the sofa laughing out loud so bad our stomachs hurt.
Over the years I’ve continued to look up to you but more importantly, I’ve felt you beside me. You ask, you listen, you want to understand and help. When I’ve been at my happiest, you’ve been happy beside me. When I’ve been at my saddest, you’ve been sad beside me.
18th of August this year will be one the most important days of my life. Your little sister – who is not so little anymore – is getting married. It would mean the world to me, and be a great honor, if also on that day you were beside me. As a maid of honor, but most importantly as a friend and a sister. Will you?
With love,

When I asked my best friend and my sister to be my maid of honors, I wanted to surprise them. I ended up preparing them these boxes that would have the question “Will you be my maid of honor?” visible as soon as they opened them. In the card I wrote how much they mean to me and what an honor (literally) it would be to have them beside me on my Big Day.

In the box I also had a small bottle of champagne (to toast the answer YES!), a notebook to be used in the wedding planning, a nice soap and a candle and some good chocolate. I also ordered polaroid prints of our special moments together.

Neither of my maid of honors had a clue what the box was about when they got it and it was so special to observe their reactions while opening it. I probably should have put in some tissues as well, because tears were unavoidable. ❤

It started with a simple “Hello”

For 2018 I made one resolution: To live more according to “Stop and smell the flowers” rather than “Harder, better, faster, stronger” – a mantra which I’ve unconsciously had while climbing up the corporate ladder in the world of tech. That means I want to make sure I have enough time to reflect, be present, create with my hands and appreciate the little things – whether it’s a lovely meal or a a walk in beautiful surroundings. To make sure I actually live according to my intention, I thought that having a blog as a journal of things that inspire me might do the trick: In order for me to post here, I need to do and experience things that leave me inspired. Smart, huh? We’ll see how it works… 🙂

So join me here to check out simple diy tutorials, to read words of inspiration (I have a serious fixation on beautiful quotes and hand lettering, which I’ve just started learning), and learn about foods I love to eat or places I adore to visit.

With love,